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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Two things...

One, April's Harrisonburg AlleyCat Race is coming up soon.

aprils fool
alleycat bicycle race-scavenger hunt.
meet at court square 6:00 pm
$2 entry fee
april 9th 2006
hburgalleycat at gmail dot com

Two, there are some really sweet Blue Jays commercials up on their site... you can see them right here --

Very funny in my opinion.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Wideman on ice???

This kind of shows how long I've been out of the hockey world of southern Ontario, but I just realized today that there is a player on the St. Louis Blues who's last name is Wideman! Unbelievable. I've never seen a professional athlete with my same last name! Don't believe me? You can read about a game that he starred in here --

His jersey is also available online... if only I was a Blues fan. Maybe he can get traded to the Leafs.

Monday, March 27, 2006

weekend update

I had a wonderful weekend with Meredith up in PA. We went to a wedding of a friend of mine who I had been with in Swaziland (Congrats Karla - the picture shows Karla and her husband Jonathan as well as Peter (see blog at the right of this page) and Andrew who I was also in Swaziland with), and worked on our own wedding. I also got a tour of the emergency department that Meredith works at in Hershey Medical Center. It was very good to see that.

It was very nice to be able to send some time with my girl before she heads off to Germany for a well deserved vacation from work with her college friends.

I also had the first of three baseball pool drafts last night. Since I am keeping tabs on what is happening, here is the line-up I ended up with...

Montreal Exposed (LUMBER League)

C Damien Miller
C Jason LaRue
1 Richie Sexson
2 Jeff Kent
S Rafael Furcal
3 Aaron Boone
MI Russ Adams
CO Shea Hillenbrand
D Frank Thomas
O Brian Giles
O Carl Crawford
O Lew Ford
O Frank Catalanotto
O Magglio Ordonez

P Dan Haran
P Brad Penny
P John Lackey
P Tom Glavine
P Jorge Sosa
P Kerry Wood
P Chad Cordero
P Billy Wagner
P Joe Borowski

R Andy Marte
R David Riske
R Dustin Hermanson

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Crazy birth?

This is the craziest story I have ever heard of. A woman gives birth a few hours after playing in a basketball game???

I can't tell if this is true... can anyone back it up?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Great Ballpark Tour 06

For a little while I've been trying to get to Fenway Park to cross another ballpark off my life list. This April it looks like it just might work out.

I ordered 8 tickets to the first series when the Blue Jays visit Fenway. It should be great to visit a historic park like this and get to chear on my Jays.

In finding people to go with me, I convinced a few of my housemates to come along, and they insisted that if we were going to go on a baseball crusade, it must be done properly. We discovered that there would be games happening in four different cities, four nights in a row, and this is what we are thinking...

Wednesday night in DC for Nationals vs Mets
Thursday night as planned in Boston when they take on the Jays
Friday night in New York for a Mets game agianst the Brewers
Saturday afternoon will conclude with a Orioles game against the Angels

Seems pretty intense, any suggestions? We are thinking of keeping it on the cheap side, stay with friends in DC, then Boston, and then travel to some friends in Philly between NY and Baltimore. I think we can make it home after that game.

Anyway, should be fun.

Monday, March 20, 2006


Wow, what a day.

Sunday involved a pretty wild afternoon/evening. I drove up to Pittsburgh and met up with my friends Steve, Phil, and Cedric who drove down from Ontario. We met up there to watch the Leafs take on the Pittsburgh Penguins. The parkinglot attendant noted that besides the Leafs, only the Flyers fans made the journey to Pittsburgh in such big numbers to follow their team.

We ended up eating at a pretty crappy sports bar before the game which was packed with loyal Leaf fans decked out in their blue and white. It was pretty funny having a chant of GO LEAFS GO, start up every time a Penguins jersey entered the restaurant!

The game started out pretty bland. Lots of back and fourth, dump and chaise hockey that the "new" NHL is supposed to be without. Both goaltenders were on their best game and the only real crowd nosie came from the big saves they were making. Again, there was a very heavy sprinkling of Leaf jerseys throughout the arena. Chants of "lets go Pens" were drowned out with GO LEAFS GO. It was magical.

There was one particularily loud fan in our general area that was a proud Penguins fan. I appreciate people like this guy that know their team inside and out and understand the game of hockey. I definitely felt like Pittsburgh was a much better hockey town than Washington DC where I see the Leafs play when they come to town. This fan spent the entire time arguing with the Leaf fans around him about which country/beer/hockey team/fans/measurement system/and even speech was better. It was pretty amusing.

And then things got strange.

During the second period the Leafs were on a big 5 minute powerplay. Twice during this five minute span the power went out in the arena. After the second blackout and pause in the action, the referees decided to start the second intermission and concluded the game with a 27 minute third period. Needless to say the 5 minute man advantage was pretty much in shambles after having two blackouts take place. I found out later that there was a fire in the building related to this electrical problem!!!

Anyway, the Buds ended up scoring in the third period on a controversial penalty shot. The place went nuts. It was great to hear how many Leaf fans were actually in attendance. Amazing how beating the worst team in the NHL can bring fans to their feet.

We ended up waiting by the players exit to try and catch a glimpse of some of our favourites, but no one ended up signing. I did get to meet the radio voice of the Leafs, Mr. Joe Bowen. He was very friendly and spoke with fans for a long time. It was very sureal to hear such a recognizable voice of my childhood just hanging out talking with people.

As the team bus pulled out we waived and cheered, and all of the players waved out the windows at us. It was really cool.

I ended up getting home close to 4am, not much time to catch up on needed sleep, but it was all worth it. A very fun day.

Oh, and I forgot my camera. I couldn't believe it.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Fantasy baseball

A little while ago I noted that I would keep you up to date as my fantasy baseball teams formed. In the LUMBER League set up by Jon Kauffman Kennel, here is my keeper list --

Richie Sexon
Jeff Kent
Rafael Furcal
Brian Giles
Carl Crawford
Billy Wagner

This pool is a mixed league, no salary, rotissorie style. I feel good with this list considering that it was drafted in an expansion round after the continuing teams had made their final selections. The draft is happening in a few weeks.

Here is my pending list from my hometown pool. It's different in that we have an auction and each player is assigned a winning price. We can also keep 7 players before heading into the draft. I need to narrow this list down to 7 at some point.

Paul Konerko 17
Bobby Crosby 10
Jermaine Dye 17
Yuniesky Bettancourt 5
Bronson Arroyo 10
CC Sabathia 14
Brad Radke 14
Paul Byrd 12
Mariano Rivera 30
Rafael Soriano 5
Kevin Millwood 14
Eric Bedard 12

Pretty boring right? Leave comments if you actually have any insight.

Ben's Hair

People at work were wondering just what the full potential of my hair could be. After several attempts to e-mail this picture to them, I've decided to just post it here for all to see. Go ahead, laugh it up :)

Monday, March 13, 2006

The Sky

There is something pretty cool about the sky, I'm captivated by the way it is always around us, never the same, and can bring some pretty amazing natural occurances.

Right before a big storm is my favourite. Next time there is a big storm heading your way, check out the sky. It never ceases to amaze me. Maybe it comes from my life in the corn field. We always knew when something was going to hit us. That job has given me some amazing experiences including one of the heaviest rain storms I've ever been in.

Here are some pictures I took today of the storm that is currently approaching Harrisonburg.

This one looks crazy... climbing all over the campus center....

Sky, pretty cool -eh?

And Harrisonburg always is great because of the way that one side of town can have a blue cloud of terror and the other side is grey and hazy. Gotta love the valley.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Super Saturday

Great day.

Meredith and I started the day out with Mr. J's for breakfast followed by visiting a prospective home for next year. It's a cute little house, we just aren't sure if we would be able to fit a box spring mattress up the tiny little staircase.

The day also contained visiting another apartment option, a nice afternoon siesta, a game of volleyball at EMU on the sand courts, and dinner out with Michael and Kendra.

The evening was nice, earlier this week I had won free tickets to a show at Star Hill in Charlottesville. Neither Meredith or I had ever heard of any of the bands other than a song or two from their websites, but all three turned out to be worth the hour drive to the show.

The band list was as follows...

Pela - a four peice rock band with a nice mellow sound. The lead singer seemed strangely out of place, like a weightroom junkie at the front of a very artsy musical band. It was enjoyable to say the least, they had great stage presence.

Winterpill - a five peice band, even mellower than the one before, almost soothing. Great lead vocals by a singer who also seemed strangely out of place. They were from NY and had a fantastic full sound, we really liked the mix of the lead singer's voice and the female back up singer. Mainly acoustic guitar driven, it was also very enjoyable.

Rainer Maria - although we didn't say for the whole set we were happy to find that we found three out of three bands to be really worth the night. This last band was only a three peice band, but uniquely had a female lead vocalist who was also the bass player. Oh, another note is that all three bands had fantastic drummers. Not quite as amazing as my boy Jeff Moore, but still very very good. I always appreciate a drummer that doesn't try and steal the show, but makes the band so much better in the background.

Anyway, it's late and church is tomorrow -- er, I mean this morning. Sorry about not having any pictures with this blog posting. Off to bed. Bye for now.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Oh Canada! The Miracle on Dirt

The boys in red and white shocked the World Baseball Classic last night with a huge upset over the USA. Thanks to a lot of heart, and some fantastic plays, the game ended 8-6 for the good guys. Adam Stern had several great plays including an inside the park homerun!

This quote was taken directly from the WBC website....

"Canada, already a distinctly advanced society, took another step up the evolutionary ladder Wednesday, defeating the U.S. at the American national game."

Monday, March 06, 2006

This is my new favourite site. Basically you have to visit it to get the picture, but what you do is punch in your favourite band, and it will tell you what other artists you might like. Yeah right, right? Check it out, it is really really good and finding stuff for you!

Madam and Eve

I thought this was clever. This comic is from the South African strip, Madam and Eve. The ANC has just won another election, the only party to be voted into power since true democratic elections began in South Africa.

Friday, March 03, 2006

oh the grandness!

My Grand:PM boys are in the spotlight again... check out the latest headline at, found here --

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Of Montreal is from Georgia

Last night a few of us went to see Of Montreal. I really enjoyed seeing them once again. If you have never checked out their style and you are an adventurous music lover, take the time to give them a listen.

It was pretty dark, and the above picture was the only one that turned out. People clapping along with the band... always fun. The M's opened and put on a good show.