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Thursday, March 27, 2008

blog roll

It's been a while since I posted any personal reflections or thoughts. I guess it's hard to take the time to put down actual thoughts on a blog when I'm not getting graded on it...

Anyway, the reason I write today is to showcase my blogging friends at Fuller and Pasadena Mennonite Church. A fairly comprehensive list of Fuller Bloggers and PMC Bloggers can be found on Wess Daniel's blog. It's where I discovered many of these fine works, but I've also come across a few on my own.

Gathering In Light is where you can read Wess Daniel's musings on everything from religion to how to successfully brave the graduate school world.

Amanda Valloza's blog gives you a taste of her artwork, thoughts on life, and other tasty treats.

Grow Something New is Daphne Hollinger's cross-cultural reflection on life as a seminary student in California.

Joel Shenk's blog is a fantastic mix of theological thought, sports, and humor.

Matthew Krabill's blog documents life with a great blend of photography and words.

No Rhyme or Reason is Josh Raskin's incredibly vivid photoblog documenting his travels around California and the rest of the world.

Our California Adventure is Tim and Debbie Morgan's account of starting out new life on the west coast.

Stan's Obligatory Blog is a bicycle rider's insightful take on life in Los Angeles.

Pasadena Daily Photo is Petrea Burchard's amazing look at life in Pasadena (and coincidentally the only other daily photo blogger of Pasadena that I know of).

Stick Shifts and Safety Belts is the blog of our good friends Brian and Megan Shope as they start life on the west coast with a new baby!

My Translation is our friend Eric's fantastic blog full of really creative and insightful musings.

StutzBlog is David Stutzman's creative and insightful look at religion, humor, and Chuck Norris.

There are many more out there I'm sure, these are just the few I've discovered so far. I love what you all do, keep up the good work!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

a up and coming artist sings "Hey Jude"

Meredith found this on the internet. It's pretty funny, but all I can think of is this old drunk man in Mozambique who sang the same song (with about the same word accuracy) to try and earn a few cents from several of us at a bus station.