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This is a blog about me. I'm sure it will at some point talk about the things that I love... that being, my wife Meredith, family, friends, EMU, the Jays and baseball, the Maple Leafs, music, art, TV, biking, and whatever else is going on in my mind.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Last day...

While not quite as random as Brad's last day, it did include a great session of Text Twist, and a trip to the Blue Nile Ethiopian restaurant. Good times had by all, Admissions I will miss you.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tomorrow is my last day at Eastern Mennonite University. This place is home and I'm sad to be leaving it. At the same time I have a great deal of excitement for what happens next. Meredith and I will be heading to Israel/Palestine for the month of May, and then packing up our things for the drive out to California in August.

EMU has been my home as a student and employee for almost 6 years now - 3 as a student and 3 in the Admissions office. It is hard to find anything to complain about when I think about this place, and I can't wait to be a proud alum encouraging people to check out this tiny little liberal arts university in the Shenandoah Valley.

For those of you interested in following our trip to the holy land, the seminary will be tracking our groups with website updates and pictures. I will hopefully post some of my own on our return, but until then is probably the best way to follow our trip.