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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Fantasy baseball

A little while ago I noted that I would keep you up to date as my fantasy baseball teams formed. In the LUMBER League set up by Jon Kauffman Kennel, here is my keeper list --

Richie Sexon
Jeff Kent
Rafael Furcal
Brian Giles
Carl Crawford
Billy Wagner

This pool is a mixed league, no salary, rotissorie style. I feel good with this list considering that it was drafted in an expansion round after the continuing teams had made their final selections. The draft is happening in a few weeks.

Here is my pending list from my hometown pool. It's different in that we have an auction and each player is assigned a winning price. We can also keep 7 players before heading into the draft. I need to narrow this list down to 7 at some point.

Paul Konerko 17
Bobby Crosby 10
Jermaine Dye 17
Yuniesky Bettancourt 5
Bronson Arroyo 10
CC Sabathia 14
Brad Radke 14
Paul Byrd 12
Mariano Rivera 30
Rafael Soriano 5
Kevin Millwood 14
Eric Bedard 12

Pretty boring right? Leave comments if you actually have any insight.


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