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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Super Saturday

Great day.

Meredith and I started the day out with Mr. J's for breakfast followed by visiting a prospective home for next year. It's a cute little house, we just aren't sure if we would be able to fit a box spring mattress up the tiny little staircase.

The day also contained visiting another apartment option, a nice afternoon siesta, a game of volleyball at EMU on the sand courts, and dinner out with Michael and Kendra.

The evening was nice, earlier this week I had won free tickets to a show at Star Hill in Charlottesville. Neither Meredith or I had ever heard of any of the bands other than a song or two from their websites, but all three turned out to be worth the hour drive to the show.

The band list was as follows...

Pela - a four peice rock band with a nice mellow sound. The lead singer seemed strangely out of place, like a weightroom junkie at the front of a very artsy musical band. It was enjoyable to say the least, they had great stage presence.

Winterpill - a five peice band, even mellower than the one before, almost soothing. Great lead vocals by a singer who also seemed strangely out of place. They were from NY and had a fantastic full sound, we really liked the mix of the lead singer's voice and the female back up singer. Mainly acoustic guitar driven, it was also very enjoyable.

Rainer Maria - although we didn't say for the whole set we were happy to find that we found three out of three bands to be really worth the night. This last band was only a three peice band, but uniquely had a female lead vocalist who was also the bass player. Oh, another note is that all three bands had fantastic drummers. Not quite as amazing as my boy Jeff Moore, but still very very good. I always appreciate a drummer that doesn't try and steal the show, but makes the band so much better in the background.

Anyway, it's late and church is tomorrow -- er, I mean this morning. Sorry about not having any pictures with this blog posting. Off to bed. Bye for now.


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