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Monday, October 22, 2007

an afternoon with Pasadena's most famous son...

in front of city hall with his brother...

the site of his parents home at 121 Pepper St...

little league park

Jackie Robinson Center items donated by the Baseball Reliquary

And my favourite, the patron saint of baseball's integration....

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Price is Right

Meredith and I made our TV debut on Monday... the link can be found here - we're at the 16 second mark of the video clip.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Ben builds a big mac...

I know, it's probably illegal to try and reproduce a copyrighted item in your own kitchen, but I had a craving and didn't feel like giving any money to the corporation. In an act of social activism, I whipped these beauties up in the kitchen. Two (hand formed) all-beef patties, special sauce (miracle whip and relish), lettuce (romaine), cheese (freshly sliced cheddar), pickles (hand cut homemade dills), onions, on a sesame seed bun (minus the sesame seeds). They were delicious.


Friday, October 05, 2007

A quick rundown of Pasadena's bike shops - if you are ever in the area.

First off, Google shows 5 within a small radius (A, B, C, D, and F). There is one further south in South Pasadena, and one a little north in Altadena, but for the sake of what is near Fuller, this is what I found...

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A. Pasadena Cyclery - Closest to our home, and also the smallest. This shop is not without it's charm. For starters they have the coolest name out of the bunch, and seem to know the insides of the area bike culture. They also spent the most time with me even though I had no intentions to buy anything today.

B. Performance Bike Shop - The big chain store is just that. Everything is neatly organized and all employees wear their required outfits. Looks like most of their business is from people who don't really want to look any farther than Oldtown, Pasadena and they are the new kid on the block - just opened for about a year. The one highlight for me is that they are a Fuji dealer which gives me hope that there are a few other people in this town besides me who ride one of these amazing cycles.

C. Velo Pasadena - Another great name, this shop seems to be catering toward the upper end crowd. They have an impressive collection of vintage bikes hanging from the ceiling and a very interesting selection of road bike items. I think this shop made me stop and stare more than any in town.

D. Incycle Bicycles - An interesting blend of bikes for the masses, high end gear, and tattooed shop staff. This place seems to be the place to go if you don't want chain store issues but still want a big selection and great service. It was pretty busy inside, even for a Friday morning.

F. Open Road Bike Shop - By far the most bizzare place I visited today. This place boasts that it is the largest bike shop in the San Gabriel Valley and I wouldn't challenge them on that. Their showroom is chaos with bikes stacked on catalogs and frames and huge piles of clothing, helmets, tires, whatever strewn all over the store. It reminds me of East Coast Bicycle Academy back home in the 'burg only bigger. I'm sure only the owner knows where everything is and even then it's probably going to take him a few minutes to dig through everything. This place is a Bianchi dealer which was cool to see and had the largest selection of jerseys I'd ever seen in one place.