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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Great Ballpark Tour 06

For a little while I've been trying to get to Fenway Park to cross another ballpark off my life list. This April it looks like it just might work out.

I ordered 8 tickets to the first series when the Blue Jays visit Fenway. It should be great to visit a historic park like this and get to chear on my Jays.

In finding people to go with me, I convinced a few of my housemates to come along, and they insisted that if we were going to go on a baseball crusade, it must be done properly. We discovered that there would be games happening in four different cities, four nights in a row, and this is what we are thinking...

Wednesday night in DC for Nationals vs Mets
Thursday night as planned in Boston when they take on the Jays
Friday night in New York for a Mets game agianst the Brewers
Saturday afternoon will conclude with a Orioles game against the Angels

Seems pretty intense, any suggestions? We are thinking of keeping it on the cheap side, stay with friends in DC, then Boston, and then travel to some friends in Philly between NY and Baltimore. I think we can make it home after that game.

Anyway, should be fun.


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