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This is a blog about me. I'm sure it will at some point talk about the things that I love... that being, my wife Meredith, family, friends, EMU, the Jays and baseball, the Maple Leafs, music, art, TV, biking, and whatever else is going on in my mind.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


this is just the beginning, there's more out there.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Its been too long...

But here is what has been happening lately...

1. Meredith and I went to Israel/Palestine. Even though I have a 38 page journal and a 9 page essay, I'm still not really able to informally say much about our trip beyond thinks like "it was a complex experience" or "it was something I'm glad we did". This is an area that I will continue to digest, and for that I am happy and grateful.

2. I was able to spend a week and a half down in Georgia helping Rouge River Farms out one last time in the sweet corn business. My week was great. Lots of hard work and hanging out with my good friend Aaron (which always includes some great ballpool talk) and visiting some familiar places like the Old Mexico restaurant.

3. I checked two more ballparks off my life list - Turner Field and PNC Park. Both were really great experiences even though I was at the Braves game all by myself. PNC park ranks second only to Fenway as the nicest park I've been to yet. Top picture is Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves (ballpark #10 on my quest for 30) and the second one is PNC park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates (ballpark #11 on my list).

4. My grandpa and his brother celebrated their 80th birthday party. It was a great experience to be with family and witness this celebration. Sadly Meredith was unable to come, but it was still fun.

5. I had a few days of no employment, and have now started working temp jobs. Bring on the rest of the summer!