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Friday, February 03, 2006

wheels keep on spinning round

Last night I witnessed a bicycle wheel being built... I feel like I now know what its like to have a child being born (just kidding). But seriously, it was really sweet.

Matt and Kurt put it together and Matt picked a pretty gutsy pattern...

(Thanks to Rowland Cook for the pic

Anyway, it was pretty satisfying to see it come together, and I didn't even do anything! More pictures, courtisy of Matt, can be found here --

Parts for my fixed gear should be in today, then more fun will begin.

Today there was a posting on that I think was pretty solid... it definitely fits the way I feel -- "All apologies to the rightfully grouchy messengers who had their subculture hijacked by a bunch of yahoos like me. Wanna race?"

That's enough for now.



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