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Monday, February 06, 2006

c'est la weekend

Interesting weekend...

Friday was the start of honors weekend here on campus, many great prospects. It was a nice full day, enjoyable to see our vball team do so well.
Saturday included a trip to Costco with Michael, Steph, and Joel, a wheat themed birthday party for Troyer up at Hair House, as well as a bluegrass fundraiser dinner for a child with cancer with Benjine in Timberville (we were definitely about 40 years below the average age in the room, but it was still pretty fun. Lots of great bluegrass music). The concert even included a duet by a 80+ year old couple, Valley Mae and Sparky, that have been singing together for many, many years.
Sunday started off well with some great blueberry pancakes, followed with a long fixed gear bike ride with Matt, concluding with a really fun Superbowl party with tons of great food, and lots of leftovers. Bettis got his championship and promptly retired.


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