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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Alleycat:Eros day in review.

This weekend's alley cat was great. It was supposed to snow and be really cold, so we were all pretty excited when it was just cold... with no snow.

As usual, the starting point was Court Square, right downtown in Harrisonburg. I always enjoy the moment when all kinds of people and bicycles show up at the same time. Some people come with $3000 tricked-out road bikes, some on busted up old bikes that they have had their whole life. Some people were in love/lust-themed costumes, some were not, but a good sized group turned out.

Another great moment is when every rider gathers to be givent their manifest - a document which contains all of the checkpoints they must visit on their ride. When everyone has recieved their list, the word is given and everyone runs back to their bikes and starts pedaling.

The race ended up at hair house. They were gracious enough to host the final stop and the moment which every rider was waiting for - the prizes. As you can see, the front lawn ends up turning into some kind of bicycle yard sale.

Finally the day ends with the awards, a final lap around town as a group, and some much needed food and nourishment. All in a days work. Keep your eyes posted for some info on the next Harrisonburg Alley Cat, probably to follow in April.


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