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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dear everyone...

In the last little while I have changed apartments, planned the first Student Orientation session, and basically felt overly busy. Because of this my blog has suffered. It is ironic that when things are happening you lose the time you need to document them. Here is a quick run down.

Address has changed from College Ave, to Central Ave. Basically a block away from Cell House, I feel quite at home already in the new place. Meredith has been down to help organize and add some substance to my few meagre posessions. Life is good, however I often feel like I'm out of the circle of social happenings. Last night I went on the weekly Shenandoah Bike Club ride, good to get out and see people.

The first SOAR session at EMU went well, we had a great turn out and students generally seemed excited about starting college in the fall and meeting new people.

This weekend I'm heading up to Ontario to see some friends (and their new babies), visit with family, go to a ballpool meeting, maybe catch a Jays game, and just enjoy everyone.

That's pretty much it for now.

Talk to you soon.



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