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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

North Mississippi All-Stars at the Avalon

Just got home from a Tuesday night concert at the Avalon in Hollywood. I went to see the North Mississippi All-Stars, a band I've really liked since I saw them a long time ago with my good buddy Mike. It just happened that the headliners were the Drive By Truckers, a band I've heard many great things about. Here are a few pictures of the show...

The Felice Brothers opened things up. I'd never heard of these boys from New York, but they put on a good show. The lead singer had a raspy voice that kind of reminded me of the Decemberists.

Any band that can pull off having an accordion player has to have something going for them. They are on tour with the Drive By Truckers for the next little while which has to be a big break for these guys.

Next came my All-Stars. They rocked the house as usual. This was the fourth time I'd seen them and they seem to get better with age. I'm completely mesmerized by the musical abilities of all three of these guys.

One of the coolest things about their set was this cigar box guitar that was played incredibly well by Luther. This guy can make anything sound amazing. I've never seen such a hodgepodge instrument be used in a show, but it was great.

And finally the Drive By Truckers. Seems like everyone in the audience was waiting for them to begin. There were only a handful of people there at the start of the show, but by the time they came on the place was packed.

They really have a great sound. I think I expected them to be a bit more uptempo, but they were great none-the-less. On a side note, the Avalon is a great venue to see a band play. They have a huge floor area and a great balcony with padded seats.

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